THE BEYOND (Short Film, written by David Cordon)

"Theodore, a skeptical doctor is called to investigate reports of supernatural goings-on in an old country house, but quickly realises once inside that things are not as they seem."

CHARADES (Short film, written by Annabel Bates), 2017

"A struggling actress accidentally signs up for an all female touring semi-pro-panto and endeavours to cope with the expectations her earnest directors put upon her."

TOADS & BLUEBOTTLES (Short Animated film, written by David Cordon), 2017 (PRE-PRODUCTION)

"When Charlie's best friend and comrade Matt suddenly decides to grow up, he is left behind to dream alone."

NATHAN (feature length film, written by David Cordon), 2020

"A young kid is forced to come out of age when he is abandoned by his own father in the middle of the desert"