ŚŪNYATĀ (Short Film, written by David Cordon)

A new-born creature searches for the meaning of existence in an environment full of decay and horror.

THE BEYOND (Short Film, written by Duncan Roe &David Cordon)

Theodore, a skeptical doctor is called to investigate reports of supernatural goings-on in an old country house but quickly realises, once inside, that things are not as they seem.

CHARADES (Short film, written by Annabel Bates)

A struggling actress accidentally signs up for an all female touring semi-pro-panto and endeavors to cope with the expectations her earnest directors put upon her.

TOADS & BLUEBOTTLES (Short Animated film, written by David Cordon),  (PRE-PRODUCTION)

When Charlie's best friend and comrade Matt suddenly decides to grow up, he is left behind to dream alone.

CONSTANZA (feature length film, written by David Cordon), 2020

A young kid is forced to come out of age when she is abandoned by her own father in the middle of the desert.